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HAPPY. Confident.
Good Energy.

When I asked teen girls what feelings they would choose to have if they could, this is what came up the most. They want to feel safe, feel joyful, have confidence, and feel a flow of good energy.

Most of them I talked to didn't currently feel these things on a continual basis. We know being a teenager is hard, it always has been. But as a parent we realize that our children are going through things we never dreamt of at their age! Social Media, constant safety threats... it's a new world we never had to navigate ourselves! And no matter how much wisdom and support we want to give them as parents, because we're the parent it's almost impossible to be able to feel like we can get through to them.

I work with students and educators with Mindset Neuroscience principles and have gotten incredible feedback on how powerful this work is. But at home I'm just "mom". When trying to find outside opportunities for my children to participate in to learn and experience what I teach, I just ended up completely frustrated at the lack of resources. I decided that I wanted to give other parents the opportunities that I wish was available to my children.

I use the word "soul" in my work, because our souls are the eternal piece of us that longs, dreams, desires healthy growth, expands love, and is the core place for creativity. Our souls get put into bodies that are wired to not always prioritize those things. Growing as a person is a combination of being able to connect with your life-force soul while operating in our brains and bodies. 

Soul Circle-- for Teen Girls is a powerful combination of three elements to help your daughter empower herself to feel "happy", "safe", "confident", and have an abundance of "good energy".


A safe, open group where girls are welcome and accepted for who they are. A place  to learn and process with others who understand! A community where they don't feel alone!

Sessions are multiple weeks long to build safe friendships and connections.


Every session participants will learn a little bit more about how their souls, brains, and bodies work, and sometimes seem to work against them, as they try to accomplish their goals and dreams. 

When we understand the "why's" and "hows"... Why does my brain do this? Why do I feel this way? How can I feel more in control of myself and my life?... We are able to remove the limiting identities we have put on ourselves and make more conscious, intentional choices of how we want to react to the world and the lives we want to live.


About 95% of what we do is through our subconscious. That means that just learning facts alone won't cause lasting change. Every session we will spend time paying attention to our bodies and learning to regulate it. We will have fun trying out different modalities and exercises so that the girls can find tools that personally work for them that they can use the rest of their lives.

This may include things like: meditations, visualizations, somatic work (learning to pay attention to the body, what it’s telling them, and different activities to help grounding, balance, and control), breath work, and other physical components to connect the learning.

How it Works

Register below. Spots are limited, so early registration is recommended. Registration closes once all the spots are filled or one week before the first session. Once you are registered you will receive a welcome email and a parental release form that must be filled out.

Girls participating will get access to all in-person sessions, journal activities to do between sessions to keep learning and exploring going throughout the week, and private online group to communicate with other participants.

In case of inclement weather, the weekly in-person session will be held via zoom.

Please Note:

I would ask that you only sign your daughter up if she wants to attend. There are limited spots and time, so participants being open and curious is a must. A little leery of something new is normal, but I won’t have the capacity to work with participants that are upset and annoyed that “mom made me come to this thing.” If now is not the right time for them, maybe later will be! 


This group should not take the place of any professional help your child may need. Doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists are there to help your child through their mental health journey and I am not any of those things. Please do not use this group to bypass or replace the medical help your child may need. 

Space is limited!

Wednesday Evenings

Sept 13, 20, 27

Oct 4, 11, 25

Nov 1, 8, 15, 29

Dec 6, 13

Meeting Space & Times: TBD

9th/10th grade Girls Group
11th/12th grade Girls Group
Fall Session

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Owner & Facilitator
Kristy Rooney

Teacher, Facilitator, Coach, and lover of encouraging people to live in their freedom.

Kristy has worked with groups of all ages. She found a love of Mindset Neuroscience while solving retention issues with the GED students she was working with. This led her to numerous speaking opportunities throughout the US. 

She has a BS in Intercultural Studies, and is trained in both coaching and leadership from CoActive Training Institute.

Located in Southern Minnesota with her two teenagers, Kristy enjoys putting ideas together, mornings, and being in the sunshine.

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